Honeymoon - NYC

We've been to NY lots of times but only for a couple days. So this was our opportunity to have an extended trip there! Here are some highlights of our travels. Is this a food blog? No, but we certainly ate our share of NY food. I swear we did other stuff too but we cherish the restaurant experience for more than just the food. The ambience, design and environment of a place really captures our attention. We love all the details when done well. So there, an explanation beyond stuffing our faces.

Another pillar of the the trip we didn't photograph but wanted to mention was attending "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time." This was our first broadway play. Go see it if you get the chance. Very immersive experience and great acting. 

New York delivered once again. Thanks New York!

First meal of the trip! After a seven hour delay (!) to get to New York we finally arrived weary and hungry. I think this is the best state though to arrive in so you can FULLY CONSUME the "experience" that is New York. We checked into our Airbnb and headed out to forage. This is flatbread pizza from Hotel Chantelle's rooftop bar and a classic Blue Moon to wash it down with.

Ahh Buvette! We started the meal with yummy americanos which paved the way for this belgium waffle number you see here. Opposite is scrambled eggs with prosciutto and toast. 

Only one thing can improve a delicious breakfast and that is a delicious breakfast dessert. That's right – we shared a peanut butter bar from The Magnolia Bakery. Very pretty interior and lots of treats.

Ellsworth Kelly piece in Chelsea. "B" is for Ben!

"Kay-culator" at the David Shrigley show in Chelsea.

Overview of the David Shrigley show in Chelsea. Ben admires.

Kay Loves Candy (and ice cream!) in Bryant Park.

"Abacus" by Paul Rand at Cooper Hewitt.

"Controller of the Universe" installation by Damian Ortega.

Another fun day deserves a fun dinner – "The Manly" at Umami Burger with a side of truffle fries. Not pictured: super delicious cocktails! We recommend the "The Velvet Mule" and their Old Fashioned.

We made our first trip to the Museum of Natural History. So cool! We made some friends (pictured above).

T-Rex selfie! Check.

David Chang's original restaurant, The Noodle Bar. We did indeed have noodles which were good but forgot to shoot it. We did remember the pork buns. Mmmm.