Marfa, Texas

Have you heard of Marfa, TX? When we asked folks this question we consistently got a "no" answer. Well, hopefully that will change soon because Marfa is a really neat place! Located in the west side of Texas, if you are traveling from the east it's a wonderful respite.

El Cosmico

We chose to stay at El Cosmico, a great desert getaway. The lot consists of camp grounds, yurts, teepees, and our favorite, restored vintage trailers. We stayed in the "Vagabond." Guests use little wagons to carry their stuff to their abode.

The interior of the Vagabond was wood and created a very cozy environment. We enjoyed dinner outside in the evening. It even had an outdoor shower!

Guests could hang out in the lounge during the day and enjoy a cup of coffee and wireless.

Chinati Foundation: Donald Judd

We visited Donald Judd's "Works in Concrete" at the Chinati foundation which consists of huge concrete rectangles. We like how it created framing of the landscape. Each cluster was composed differently creating a unique arrangement.

Downtown Marfa

Downtown Marfa features a slew of great shops and galleries. If you are able to make it to Marfa, note that some businesses are closed during the beginning of the week. Thursday proved to be an active retail day as most shops and restaurants were open (unlike Wednesday when we tried to go the first time!). 

Marfa Burrito

Marfa Burrito came highly recommended and proved to live up to it's recommendation. We advise brushing up on your spanish before heading in!

PRADA "Marfa"

Shopping in the desert? No. Art installation? Yes! Prada Marfa is a permanently installed sculpture by artists Elmgreen and Dragset right outside of Marfa, Texas.

Goodbye Marfa!

Marfa turned out to be really fun! The Vagabond trailer was delightful to stay in and the town had a great energy.

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