Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas, baby! Well, we tried out gambling with a WHOLE dollar. We didn't take to it, but that's ok because there was a ton more stuff to do other than that. Our favorite highlight was visiting the Neon Museum in the arts district. We had a field day shooting the vintage signs from the strip. You have to sign up for an hour tour to view the signs but it's well worth it and we hung back to try and get shots without people. 

The Bellagio

The Bellagio featured a beautiful installation of sea life.

Pawn Stars

We went into the Pawn Stars shop. Looks just like the show!


We had a great time at Perch – they also had a very clever menu design that wrapped around the napkin.

The Polaroid Museum

We went at night right before they closed – we got the whole exhibit to ourselves! It was a really beautiful arrangement of the history of the polaroid and it also had special Andy Warhol section.

Hash House a Go-Go

Thankfully we split this heaping hangover meal – tasty corn beef hash cured us in no time and we were on our way to Joshua Tree.