San Francisco, California

We've seen the Golden Gate Bridge destroyed in some of our favorite movies so it was great to see it in tact and in person! San Francisco was a fun place to visit. The weather was perfect and even sometimes chilly (!) which was refreshing. We even fit in some thrift store shopping which was a treat.

Craftsman and Wolves

Shown here is "The rebel within", an egg baked into a scrumptious biscuit. A San Francisco must-try.

Mollusk Surf Shop

Although we aren't surfers, we can appreciate some surf aesthetic! Mollusk had plenty with their thoughtfully designed interiors and well curated products.


Lunch at Outerlands proved to be AMAZING! Best grilled cheese and egg sandwich of the trip, maybe ever!

The General Store

Nothing general about this place! This cool little shop had some really fun products for sale along with a cozy backyard.

Ghirardelli Chocolate

Ghirardelli ice cream Sundae!

Fort Point

Dad Wolfersperger who grew up in Marin recommended we visit Fort Point. The view was really something from here and it wasn't overcrowded with tons of people.

State Bird Provisions

This place is so cool it doesn't even have a sign on the outside! We didn't quite know what we were in for when we arrived. They are usually booked with reservations but keep a community table section open for drop ins like us. I don't want to give too much away for first timers because it is truly a unique dining experience but I can definitely recommend a visit!

Golden Gate Bridge

Classic! Here we come Marin!